ABC Honey Gourmet & Artisan Ranges - 8 x 50g Gift Case

ABC Honey Gourmet & Artisan Ranges - 8 x 50g in a clear cello case

3 x 50g jars of honey from our gourmet range plus 5 x 50g jars from our Artisan range will be personally packed in a clear cello gift pack all ready for despatch. Can be sent to yourself or direct to family and friends.

3 Gourmet varieties included:

Chilli Flavoured Honey with warm tones of chilli perfectly blended with our favourite mixed blossom honey, not too spicy. perfect for a mildly spicy chicken drumstick marinade - add a splash of soy sauce to taste

Ginger Flavoured Honey a warm & soothing ginger blended with our favorite mixed blossom honey for a taste sensation, perfect on toast or in a cup of tea

Lemon Flavoured Honey a fresh citrus taste blended with our favourite mixed blossom honey, not too sweet and carefully balanced, delicious in a cup of tea or drizzled over pancakes or toast. A hit with the kids!

5 Artisan varieties included:

Daily Drizzler: Mixed Blossom Honey with flesh floral notes. Our ‘Daily Drizzler’ is the result of our happy bees harvesting the freshest nectar from many different flowers daily. Use everywhere but best on pancakes, scones or freshly baked bread.

Barking Bees: Ironbark Honey with toffee notes and a slightly nutty flavor. Barking Bees Ironbark honey is a soft and mellow delight. Collected from our local Australian Ironbark blossoms by our hard-working bees, it’s a true Australian classic. Great in smoothies and baking, especially on fresh camp oven Damper.

Beekeepers Box: Our Brushbox Honey is superior and delicious. Our clever little bees harvest the freshest blossoms of local Brushbox trees to make the finest, sweetest natural honey. Great for sneaky spoonfuls on its own, or on freshly baked scones with tea.

Mahogany Timber: Sweet but with a slightly salty and lemony flavour, our Mahogany Timber honey is made by our beautiful coastal bees. Creating a rich flavoured liquid gold, our happy bees harvest the freshest nectar to bring a taste of paradise to your lips. Great in marinades and glazes for hame and meat, or simply spread it on your toast.

Macadamia Flower: Our Macadamia Flower honey comes from our happy bees, harvesting the freshest nectar from their Macadamia orchards. A sweet and slightly nutty delicious honey which is great on ice cream and pancakes or simply in your favourite cup of Tea!

 Also available in 2 x 50g, 3 x 50g, 3 x 130g and 3 x 330g gift packs 


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