Honey Types

Honey Types

ABC Pure Honey

Our original and most descriptive claim applies to all of our product lines where only honey is involved. We may use spices and flavours in our manufactured products but in all cases only pure cold pressed honey will be the honey component.

ABC Farmers Choice (Pure) Mixed Blossoms

This honey is sourced from selected growers for its quality and flavour, and is delivered cold pressed and natural to our food-safe bottling plant. Natural honey keeps all of its original flavour and health related properties. It may candy and can be reliquefied by placing the container in warm water.  Mixed Blossom is honey from many sources mixed by the bees in their diverse daily foraging. It is the staple favourite honey found everywhere in stores who usually sell as “Honey”. We are bringing a more focussed branding of the many faces of honey and therefore will brand our ABC Farmers Choice products as being made from Mixed Blossoms. These include flavoured honey, creamed honey and more.

ABC Virgin Honey

Pure honey packed in “named” honey flavours as well as its natural cold pressed form. Our growers select the unique flavours to deliver to our food-safe bottling plant where it is packed to retain all of its unique flavour and health giving properties. It may candy and can be reliquefied by placing the container in warm water. Our present range include Mahogany, Macadamia, Brush Box, Iron Bark and Red Gum. These are sold as ‘natural’ but in time delicacies will be introduced which give added pleasure to your honey experience.

ABC Bio Honey

Is our label used to pack the Manuka-style equivalent Pure Honey sourced from the Australian Leptospermum (Jelly Bush) family which has equivalent or superior medical type properties as proven for the Manuka brand. We pay New Zealand Bee keepers the courtesy they have earned in promoting and proving the qualities of their leptospermum derived honey under the Manuka label by using our own brand for the Australian medical type grades of honey.

We have a separate label which provides the scientific data proving the qualities and limits of the claims for this honey. Our testing is done at the University of the Sunshine Coast and is reflected on the label.

ABC Healthy Honey

Is a label in the making to be used once the final research into a method of calibrating the prebiotic qualities of sourced uniquely from certain Australia Eucalyptus is certified. The original study was done by Professor Patricia Conway from the University of NSW and published by RIRDC as ‘The value-adding Potential of Prebiotic Components of Australian Honey’ RIRDC Publication No. 09/0179.

We are committed to follow the results of a 3-year study by FSANZ inti Standard 1.2.7 as it is relevant to this study.