Our Honey Story


ABC Honey Group

The ABC Honey Group has grown out of an original query in early 2016 from a beekeeper to a retired business friend about his wish to export honey. As he had only a few hives it seemed obvious that he should secure supply from like-minded beekeepers. This led to the plan to establish a cooperative of growers who would mutually give security of supply and share in the value-adding process of packing, marketing, local sales, and export.

ABC Honey – a subsidiary of the Australian Beekeepers Cooperative

The ABC Honey Group has now completed its initial aims of creating a vertically integrated honey business in which all members share equally in the production, packing and marketing of premium grade pure Australian Honey. 

We are the Australian Beekeepers Cooperative Ltd, ABC Honey Pty Ltd and a 50% Partner in Honeypack Pty Ltd. delivering high-quality Australian honey to the world.

Our pure ABC Honey comes from the highly fertile regions of Southern Queensland and Northern New South Wales where the flora invites natural pollination and outstanding hive production. We also plan to expand our membership and sources to include all iconic honeys from the whole of Australia.

ABC Honey varieties include ABC Virgin Honey, ABC Pure Honey and ABC Farmers Choice Honey. Natural flavours include Mixed Blossoms, Macadamia, Red Gum, Brush Box, Iron Bark and Mahogany. ABC Honey also produce a Manuka-style Bio Honey, Australian Manuka and we plan to pack and market a medical-quality Healthy Honey when probiotic honey is fully tested and approved.

Introduced flavours include Lemon, Ginger and Chilli, while gift packs are now available across all varieties in attractive packs from mini tasters up to 330g in glass containers.

Currently our new 'In Honey' range offers 3 exciting varieties including Ginger In Honey, Macadamia In Honey and Almonds In Honey. These packs are available in our gift range in 130g, 180g and 330g glass containers.

The principal aim of the ABC Honey Group is to produce great products, that consumers can enjoy worldwide whilst creating a satisfying income stream to support our beekeepers, providers of capital and staff.

All of our pure natural Australian Honey is transported to our jointly-owned fully-accredited packaging plant in Brendale, just north of Brisbane, where it is prepared and bottled under stringent standards for consumer use. We have recently installed aeration equipment which will minimise the crystallisation inherent in raw honey without excessive heat and other processes which can affect its basic health-giving properties.

We have refused to accept cheap Chinese honey being dumped into our market at 1/3 of the price of Australian grown and being blended here by others.
ABC Honey Group also offers contract packaging for smaller honey producers for the local market in a BQual accredited Food-Safe environment.

Australian Beekeepers Cooperative Ltd

We identified a group of quality beekeepers who wished to join. These range from medium and large enterprises to the smaller units who wish to grow and who want a fair price for their honey over time.

Our basic criteria for membership is that they understand that this is a long-term venture designed to ensure that control of the group will always be shared. Membership is open to people or businesses who serve the cooperative, but the rules will be strictly observed in their admission

Packing for others

ABC Honey offer contract packing to others with full accreditation by certificate and batch labels using their honey and containers. Terms for this are available on application from our office and can initially be made by email. ABC Honey also pack for our own members as required.

ABC Honey will supply ready bottled unbranded honey for users wishing to use their own label. We will supply batch information to show our Food-Safe credentials as packers.

Packing for export

ABC Honey are export-ready and can supply pallet lots or full containers. We only supply pre-packed product under our own label to ensure the integrity of our brand in offshore markets.

For more information on exporting Australian ABC Honey please contact us at theteam@abchoney.com.au


Pallets of natural Australian ABC Honey packed and ready for export from our Brendale facility.