New Gourmet Range

A wonderful range of flavor-infused natural honey to excite the taste buds

Chilli Infused Honey.

Warm tones of chilli perfectly blended with our Mixed Blossoms honey. Not too spicy... just perfect for a mild chili chicken drumstick marinade or any stir fry dish.  

Ginger Flavoured Honey. 

Soothing ginger blended with our Mixed Blossoms honey for a taste sensation.  Perfect in cake and dessert recipes or simply smother on a warm piece of toast.  A teaspoon of Ginger honey is also delicous in a cup of tea.

Lemon Flavoured Honey.

A fresh citrus taste blended with our Mixed Blossoms honey.  Carefully balanced, delicious in a cup of tea or drizzled over pancakes.  

 The use of our Gourmet honey is only limited by your imagination!  If you have used our Gourmet honey in any way to create a delicious treat, please email us your recipe and we will highlight it in our blog! 

Available in 130g and (130g x 3) Gift packs.  Click here to see the whole range and make sure to check out our Gourmet Range recipes here.