Our Honey

Our pure ABC Honey mainly comes from the highly fertile regions of Southern Queensland and Northern New South Wales where the flora invites natural pollination and outstanding hive production. Other pure Australian signature honeys are also only sourced from the best growers and from pristine areas in other parts of Australia.

We are passionate about our product's quality, taste and standards.  Once you've tried our honey, we know you will be too!

You can enjoy our honey varieties, knowing they are all -

100% PURE

100% RAW


UNHEATED AND UNTREATED - just warmed and lightly filtered.

Nothing but pure, natural honey.  Straight from the hive to you!

Our network of reliable and trusted beekeepers provide us with the highest quality honey sourced from a wide variety of native trees, bushes and flora.

Did you know that Australia is the only country in the world which is free from the Varroa Mite?  This pest which can kill hives is kept under control using chemicals which can contaminate the honey and can harm humans.



Mixed Blossoms Honey is the ABC signature blend.  Collected by the bees from a wide variety of flora, this honey is like spring in a bottle!


Our Gourmet Range of honey includes Lemon flavour, Ginger flavour and Chilli infused.  These flavours are mixed through our Mixed Blossoms honey to create a taste sensation.  An absolute must for cooking and adding that little extra sweet touch.


Our Manuka honey is from the Australian Leptospermum (Jelly Bush) family which has equivalent or superior medical type properties as proven for the Manuka brand.  Grown prolifically in most parts of Australia, some members of our group are yielding high grades of the medically active honey. The higher the levels, the more medically suitable the honey will be. Please note honey that shows an MGO level under 35 has little to no medical ability.


Our Quality is Assured

From Beekeeper to customer we guarantee quality and traceability.  Our production plant in Brendale is "B-Qual" and BRC certified which means ABC Honey operates in accordance with the industry requirements and expectations of consumers, in relation to the key issues of food safety and industry best practice particularly for export.

We meet and exceed industry standards!