Fundraising with ABC Honey.


Pure, delicious honey = Profitable fundraising.

  • Looking for an attractive and healthy product to help your fundraisers?
  • Need maximum profit and minimum effort?
  • Short on time?

      How ABC Honey can help you.

      • We can tailor a unique fundraising programme to suit your needs.
      • We provide ongoing support.
      • We help you complete the paperwork.
      • We provide quality, untreated and unheated, 100% pure, Australian Honey.
      • We offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
      • We provide an agreed percentage of each purchase, so you can raise your targeted funds.
      • We are developing a unique Honeyclub particularly to provide education about bees & honey.

        Benefits of ABC Honey Fundraising.

        • Great for all church, school and club fundraising.
        • Honey is healthy and far better for you than confectionery treats.
        • Our ABC Honey Club provides information about the importance of bees to our environment, health benefits of making delicious honey a regular part of your diet, and how to become a hobby beekeeper.
        • You can support our local Beekeepers and help save our local Bees.
        • We have attractive gift sizes, practical, edible and delicious.
        • ABC Fundraising is the healthy alternative.
        • It's so easy to do.
        • Great support all the way, all the time
        • 100% Australian product, with a wide range and flavours and a taste to satisfy everyone!

          How it works.

          • Our fundraising coordinator Geoff will work with you to tailor a program to suit your particular needs.
          • This will enable us to issue you a Fundraising Code, unique to your organisation and your donors. 
          • We will advertise your fundraising program on this webpage with the unique code for your donors.
          • We can combine the web programme with direct sales at functions run by you.
          • Our discounts and promotions are an outstanding feature of what Geoff can offer.
          • All transactions on our fundraising division can be opened to your auditors to confirm the transactions done for your donors and receipts will be issued.
          • You simply promote the special ABC Honey offer to all of your members reminding them to enter that Fundraising Code at the Checkout.

          Your organisation will then receive an agreed % of the pre-shipping amount back as a donation. It's that simple. All clubs, church groups and schools are invited to be part of this great healthy fundraising opportunity.

          Want to know more? Please contact Geoff Foley on 0418 190 442

          Download our Fundraising brochure here
          Jump to our shop now and start enjoying our 100% Australian Honey while helping your organisation.
          Special note: All honey fundraising partners can join the Honey Club for a special deal where we will donate $5.00 of the joining fee to your fundraising group, target beneficiary.