Manuka honey comes from the Australian Leptospermum (Jelly Bush) family which has equivalent or superior medical type properties as proven for the Manuka brand.

It grows prolifically in most parts of Australia. Some members of our group are yielding high grades of the medically active honey.

Manuka honey is renowned as having health benefits and is found in over 80 varieties of the leptospermum native plants.  It is reported in general literature as having as having superior benefits and is taken to assist in  many common ailments.

ABC Manuka honey ranges from NPA 5+ right through to NPA 20+. To be considered a genuine Manuka grade antibacterial honey the NPA should exceed 5+ or at least M80+ [MGO]. The higher the levels, the more medically suitable the honey will be. Please note a honey the shows an M30+ level [NPA 1-3] has little to no medical ability.

ABC Honey has compiled a list of the Top Ten uses for Medicinal Manuka Honey.  Read more here.

Manuka Honey MGO 83 - ABC Manuka Honey - 500g
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Manuka Honey MGO 83 - ABC Manuka Honey - 250g
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Manuka Honey MGO 83 - ABC Manuka Honey - 125g
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