About Us


ABC Honey a subsidiary of the Australian Beekeepers Cooperative

We are Australian Beekeepers Cooperative Ltd, delivering high-quality Australian honey to the world.

 The principal aim of the ABC Honey is to produce great products, that consumers can enjoy worldwide whilst creating a satisfying income stream to support our beekeepers, providers of capital and staff.

All of our pure natural Australian Honey is transported to our jointly-owned fully-accredited packaging plant in Brendale, just north of Brisbane, where it is prepared and bottled under stringent standards for consumer use. We have recently installed aeration equipment which will minimise the crystallisation inherent in raw honey without excessive heat and other processes which can affect its basic health-giving properties.

We have refused to accept cheap imported honey into our market at 1/3 of the price of Australian grown and being blended here by others.

We care about our customers and Beekeepers and have initiatives in place to help our local churches, schools and clubs.  Our unique "HONEY HIVE" membership contributes to saving our precious pollinators which in turn helps our eco-system.  For more information on how you can help save the bees, click here.

You can always feel confident that our honey is pure, raw, 100% Australian honey... unheated and untreated.  Straight from the hive to you!


Packing for others

ABC Honey also offers contract packaging for smaller honey producers for the local market in a BQual accredited Food-Safe environment. 

ABC Honey will supply ready bottled unbranded honey for users wishing to use their own label. We will supply batch information to show our Food-Safe credentials as packers.

Packing for export

ABC Honey are export-ready and can supply pallet lots or full containers. We only supply pre-packed product under our own label to ensure the integrity of our brand in offshore markets.  

For information on packing and export, please contact our office here.