The Honey Hive Bee Family will bring the world of Bees, Beekeeping and honey into your home and community!  Follow our family as we tell stories and get to know our cute characters along the way.
Grab the kids, grandparents, family and friends and get to know what the ABC HONEY supply chain is all about. The Honey Hive Bee Family is a fun, interactive, informative way to follow the hive to home journey!
Bees are smart, industrious and valuable to nature.  They are under threat and our community, and world at large, should endeavour to SAVE OUR BEES.  Our ecosystem, and world as we know it, would be very different without our precious Bees.
(known as BA & AB)

Two worker Bees that bring life to the hive!  They have very different personalities and will definitely keep you amused with their quirky and silly ways.  They always look after each other and work for the good of the hive!

“The Queen”
(She runs the show!)
Our Queen is a loving and very maternal Bee.  She is a force in the Hive and gives the bees incentive to be busy.  You may not get to see her very often but her appearance will certainly 'bee' special.

The Beekeeper
Cappie is our Beekeeper.  The foundation of the honey process.  Cappie is always happy, friendly and ready to help.  He knows a trick or two and loves to show people how its done!  Bees are Cappies best friends.  He loves wildlife and everything about nature and knows just how important it is to conserve our Bee population.

The Apprentice
Cindy is Cappie's daughter.  She is only 5 years old and spends a lot of time with her Beekeeper Dad!  Cindy knows all the facts and figures about Bees and Beekeeping and is super cute and very smart!

“Mr. Li”
Quality Control
Mr Li has the respect of all the Bee Family members.  He can always be seen with a white coat, and pen and clipboard in hand.  His job is to make sure the honey is clean and safe before it is sent out to YOU!  Checking that everyone is doing their jobs properly, you can be assured that Mr. Li only allows the purest of honey to get the big tick of approval.

You will meet many more fascinating characters along the way....